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Introducing the 9620 R Silhouette Non-Slip Mouse Pad – the perfect blend of precision and style! Elevate your desktop experience with this high-performance accessory inspired by the iconic 620 R.


🏎️ Features:


🚀 Ultra-Smooth Surface: Glide effortlessly with the specially designed surface for precise cursor control.

🏁 Non-Slip Base: Stay focused on your work or gaming with the secure grip of the non-slip rubber base.

💎 Premium Quality: Crafted with attention to detail, the mouse pad boasts durability for long-lasting use.

🌈 Vibrant Graphics: Immerse yourself in the sleek silhouette of the 620 R for a touch of automotive excellence.


Transform your workspace into a race-ready zone with the 620 R Silhouette Non-Slip Mouse Pad. Ideal for sporstcar enthusiasts and tech aficionados alike, this mouse pad is the ultimate fusion of performance and aesthetics. Drive productivity to the next level🖱️✨


A smooth mouse pad for even smoother browsing. 

The rubber bottom guarantees no slip while moving around the mouse (optical and laser). 

The mouse pad will serve everyday users and pro gamers for years to come without fraying or pilling.

.: Materials: 100% smooth polyester front; 100% natural rubber backing

.: One size: 9.5" × 8" (24.1cm × 20.3cm )

.: Supports optical and laser mice

.: 0.1'' thick (3mm)

.: Anti-fray edges

.: Black non-slip base

620 R Silhouette Non-Slip Mouse Pad

SKU: 22245577441215952627